How's Your Indoor Air Quality?

Get a filtration system for your home in Toronto, ON or the surrounding area

Just because you're inside your home doesn't mean you're breathing easier. In fact, the EPA reports that indoor air can be more than 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. This is because the same air pollutants circulate and collect throughout your home.

Instead of breathing in dirty air, get an air purifier from Aerus of Toronto. We sell lab- and university-tested air purifiers to homeowners in Toronto, ON and the surrounding areas. Our systems are designed to remove pollutants to improve your indoor air quality instantly.

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Say goodbye to household irritants

When irritants are lingering in your household air, they can cause harmful health effects for you and your family. Our air purifiers can get rid of household...

  • Dust. The amount of dust in your home can depend on its location and the number of people living there.
  • Dander. If you live with cats, dogs or other furry friends, you will have a lot of pet dander lingering in the air.
  • Allergens. Our filtration systems are designed to pull allergens like pollen and mold out of the air.

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